6 - 12 December 2000

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Food Processing & Packaging

El Salem Trading Company

The company is active in the food processing sector. The company produces mainly baked items and oriental pastry. Products include pizza, pies and oriental pastry items. Packaging is conducted by the company and distribution takes place throughout the company’s eight shops in addition to distribution in supermarkets under the company’s brand name throughout the country.
El Salem Trading Company is mostly interested in acquiring know-how on modern packaging techniques to prolong the shelf life of its products and improve transport tolerance. Further more, it is interested in technically advanced machinery for the production of oriental sweets. Commercially, the company is seeking marketing and distribution services in terms of long term marketing contracts, subcontracting agreements or market intelligence.

El Wadi El Gedid for Manufacturing and Trading

El Wadi El Gedid for manufacturing and Trading was established in 1998 as a private company in the field of food processing and packaging. El Wadi El Gedid dries, manufactures and packages dates in a variety of forms such as fresh dates, seedless dates, semi-dry dates, compressed dates, drydates, date’s honey, and dates stuffed with almonds and chocolate. The company sells locally and exports almost 50% of its product to Germany, Cyprus and Malaysia among others.
Recently, the company upgraded its production lines, added to existing lines and developed better packaging techniques. It is currently focussing its efforts on increasing productions capacity by installing a chock-freezing tunnel to ripe and preserve dates and a number of cold rooms at its plant. El Wadi El Gedid seeks co-operation with members who posses expertise and state-of-the-art technology for the date manufacturing industry. It offers its partners the opportunity to act as the sole agent in Europe for its wide range of products.

Gaspo for Natural Flavours & Natural Colours

Gaspo for Natural Flowers and Natural Colours is active in the field of food processing and packaging . It is one of the leading companies manufacturing natural flavours, natural colours, essential oils and spices. Over the past three years, Gaspo has been working on improving the quality of its products, maintaining its products at competitive prices, increasing the ability of the working team and searching for new markets. Gaspo for Natural Flavours and Natual colours is seeking and welcoming co-operation with a specialised company from the European Union as well as the Mediterranean countries.
Gaspo is seeking this co-operation in the form of joint-venture and technology transfer to diversify its product mix for an international market. The foreign partner will benefit from an established market share, low cost of production and abundance of low cost high quality raw materials.

Frostie Food Industries Company

The company is engaged in processing tomato paste, hot sauce, mayonnaise and curry powder. Frostie also produces concentrated natural fruit juices such as mango, guava, apricot, strawberry and grapefruit. Since, its establishment, the company has grown rapidly by adding 10 new products, converting from manual to semi-automatic production lines and increasing the workforce from 15 to 150 employees. Frostie is planning to start production of frozen vegetables.
Frostie Food Industries Company is seeking a partner to form a joint venture and expects to gain technology transfer from the agreement. The company is prepared to commit its well-structured factory to support the desired co-operation. The prospective partner would gain from penetrating the local market and achieving profits resulting from cheap raw materials and labour.

Horreya Food Industries Co

The company has a long history in the food processing sectors as one of the market leaders, it manufactures a variety of products including and candies, chocolates, biscuits, chewing gum and various types of syrup. The company has been exporting to Canada. Yemen and Cote d’Ivoire over the past years. Plans for export to the regional free trade areas and Europe are underway. Horreya Food Industries Company is seeking a joint-venture agreement in the sweets sub-sector. Mutual benefits would be incurred on both sides as the company would benefit from exposure to the partner’s market, and the partner would have access to both the Egyptian and African markets. Making use of the COMESA agreement is an additional benefit.

International company for Agro-Industrial Projects

The company was established through the purchase of an existing integrated dairy farm. The farm has over 6,000acres of arable land which are cultivated with forage crops to feed a herd of 5,400 milking cows. The milk is then transferred to a state of the art dairy processing and packaging plant for being processed and distributed to the market. Over the past three years, the main focus of the company has been restructuring the whole project using modern cropping, her-management and doing processing/packaging technology. The company is seeking technical assistance in the areas of quality control and assurance. The company is also looking for a partner who is willing to make long-term investments and is ready to supply the know-how and experience. The prospective partner will surely benefit from the company’s knowledge of the local market. The company is very much interested in dealing with companies from the European Union.

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