17 – 23 January 2001

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Malta boasts third highest GDP among candidate states

According to statistics recently published by Agence Europe, Malta currently holds third place in terms of the Gross Domestic Product of candidate countries awaiting to join the European Union.

Statistics show that Malta's GDP per capita presently stands at Lm4,539 and is preceded only by Cyprus and Slovenia, with respective GDPs of Lm6,080 per person and Lm4,703.

Compared with member states of the EU, Malta is very near Portugal which has a GDP per capita rate of Lm5,086 and Greece whose GDP is at Lm5,098.

From among EU member states, Luxembourg, which is the smallest EU member with a population of 429,000, has the highest rate of GDP, Lm18,837 per person. The GDP in Germany is at Lm8,202 per capita. Germany is biggest country in the EU with a population exceeding 82 million.

Among candidate countries, the state with the lowest GDP per capita is Bulgaria which, according to Agence Europe, has a GDP rate of Lm687.

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