17 – 23 January 2001

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AX Holdings celebrates 25th anniversary with new corporate logo
future projects include Naxxar elderly home, Gozo hotel redevelopment

The traditional seasonal celebrations recently took on a new meaning to those employed and affiliated with AX holdings, as the company celebrated its 25th anniversary – an event commemorated by the launch of a new corporate logo.

AX Holdings has come a long way from its modest beginMalta boasts third highest GDP among candidate states According to statistics recently published by Agence Europe, Malta currently holds third place in terms of the Gross Domestic Product of candidate countries awaiting to join the European Unionnings, as AX Group Chairman Angelo Xuereb explains, "I remember that it was a strong challenge for me at the time as I only had enough money to pay my only two employees for two weeks at a time."

Twenty-five years later, AX Holdings still looks for challenges as these revitalise its structured team of professionals. However, the challenges they now seek are of a slightly different magnitude. "In fact, our latest challenge is the Verdala project on which we have just embarked with an investment of over Lm20 million. AX Holdings now operates mainly on four fronts — construction, hospitality, health care and development," said Mr Xuereb.

2000 saw the Group looking back at its past achievements, a success story as a whole, and felt the need to change its image to keep up with the pace of the new millennium. "Today, we have a new modern image and identity which is consistent with our philosophy for success — creativity, efficiency, challenge… and determination. As a result, these philosophies have forged and driven AX Holdings’ interests forward with total client orientation. At the same time, AX Holdings now embraces an approach that is more in tune with modern, independent management operations," Mr Xuereb adds.

AX Holdings prides itself for its dynamic, forward-looking approach to business and is always eager to meet new challenges and develop new opportunities.

Its vision for the future is clear, that of consolidation and expansion. "Our genuine desire to promote prosperity not only in our particular areas of operation but also in the whole of our beautiful country, have created the need for this level of eagerness to prosper as a team," emphasises Mr Xuereb.

A new Group logo has accordingly been created, giving care and attention to the current and future plans of the whole Group. "We believe that our desire to continuously aim for higher goals in a concerted, professional and consolidated manner is well reflected in this new corporate identity we now so proudly sport on all our mastheads." added Mr Xuereb.

According to Mr Xuereb, "The Verdala project, including The Verdala Mansions, the adjacent luxury hotel and hopefully the golf course are our major current investment. The Verdala Mansions will definitely be the most luxurious residences in Malta. They will surpass the expectations of the most vivid imagination when it comes to luxury, comfort, serenity, space, privacy, security, quality, facilities, services and of course spectacular 1800 views.

"This property is being developed especially for discerning people with an extraordinary lifestyle. We are proud to own such a prestigious development. Once again AX Holdings shall be setting out a new level of standards, this time in the real estate sector."

The Verdala Hotel will be the only all-suite hotel in Malta, boasting 200 luxury suites and a health spa overlooking the spectacular views and the proposed World Class Golf Course. The luxury hotel shall be focusing on the Conference & Business segments and is expected to have strong winter and shoulder period markets.

Mr Xuereb referred to the Environmental Impact Assessment carried out on the Golf Course project, which the Group presented to the Planning Authority a few weeks earlier. "This 3000-page document is the culmination of 12 months’ work by 15 local consultants headed by a renowned U.K. based consulting firm specialising in this area", Mr Xuereb explained. "We trust that we have now addressed every minor point of the exhaustive terms of reference and look forward for a positive response from all the quarters concerned."

Looking ahead, Mr Xuereb said that towards the end of this year "We shall also be in a position to embark on two other projects for which we have recently received the green light from the Planning Authority after an average wait of six years. I am referring to a residential complex focusing on the elderly, spread over seventeen tumoli of land at Naxxar, and the redevelopment of the Duke of Edinburgh Hotel in Gozo."

Concluding, Mr Xuereb explained that, "It is our belief that our drive to generate wealth stems from the philosophy that change generates progress and progress generates wealth. However, the thirst for achievement remains the driving force behind the team at AX Holdings… the more insurmountable the challenge, the stronger the determination."

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