31 Jan – 6 Feb 2001

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GWU EU report: scruffy and unprofessional

In an effort to deflect attention from the hasty quick fix report on the European Union, the Secretary General Tony Zarb is crying wolf and suggesting that democracy is under threat.

Mr Zarb, who refuses to state who concocted the report, has also not explained why the report was produced in such a hasty manner.

Senior officials at the GWU have given interesting hints to The Business Times that we should question Mr Zarb about "the real reports".

In an effort to dissuade journalists from seeking the truth behind the "real" report, Mr Zarb has decided to hit out and suggest that anyone who criticises its veracity is party in a threat to the future of democracy.

But a senior GWU official told The Business Times that: "It was Tony Zarb who was not democratic in not divulging the origins of the report and not talking about the ‘real' report."

When asked to elaborate over this comment, The Business Times was told: "You are the journalists and you do the investigating."

On Monday, the union sought solace from the flak by visiting the President, Guido de Marco, a former foreign minister and hitting out at critics.

Senior GWU officials describe the quick fix report as scruffy and unprofessional and nothing like what they had expected.

Such cryptic comments have led observers to believe that there is another more sinister story behind the formulation of this report.

The position taken by the GWU has led opponents to argue that the umbilical cord with the Labour party that was severed in the eighties is being re-tied at a super rapid pace.

This is supported by the emotive links that the GWU's Mario Cutajar and Tony Zarb have with the Labour party leadership.

The report itself, which is in Maltese, emphasises the link of the restructuring process with Malta's application to the European Union, but with different sections.

But the report is best described as disjointed and a hotchpotch of amateurish writing.

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