14 – 20 February 2001

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Let Coleiro pay for the yard

Most people find it very difficult to debate or comment over the dead. It is a cultural matter, stemming from our Latin and Catholic mentality.

The Edgar Mizzi declaration on the La Salle issue is a case in point. This leader is not interested in what Dr Mizzi said when he was alive. All we can say is that Dr Mizzi was renowned for his habit of placing spokes in the wheels of any administration that happened not to be Labour.

What is important is the fact that Mr Coleiro is attempting at all costs to make political capital, and see the yard lose a job.

In all fairness to the late Attorney General if we had to take the constitution word for word, we would have to wave a white flag at the La Salle.

But our job is not to find ways of shooting ourselves in the foot or head for that matter.

Mr Coleiro and Mr Sapiano are holding the yard to ransom because of their banal fixation on neutrality.

And it is puerile considering the flexibility Mr Sapiano and Mr Coleiro sought when changing their political allegiance from a hard left autocrat of the likes of Dom Mintoff to a Thatcherite the likes of Alfred Sant.

The two elderly men at the union are entrenched in a siege mentality, and are oblivious to the fact that this action will cost the yard dearly in terms of income and credibility.

We are very serious when we state that the government should have a hold over its subventions and then ask Mr Coleiro and Mr Sapiano to dig up the money for the workers themselves.

In the fitch of time
Fitch as we all know is a rating agency and one that tackles the viability of the economy of various countries. On Monday Fitch stated that it was reaffirming Malta's rating with that of Slovenia and more still:

"… with the adoption of the acquis communataire the ratings were bound to improve."

There you have it Mr Zarb or shall we say Dr Sant.

The adoption of the European directive will confirm Malta's potential as an investment destination.

It is unfortunate that we have to wait for rating agencies such as Fitch to read us the writing on the wall.

And as the Finance minister stated when reacting to the Fitch ratings: "One notes the close correlation between EU membership and future economic growth for Malta."

Integrating the Independence cry
The campaign against Europe is far better organised that the one for Europe. On this there is no doubt. And it is also far easier too.

It is so easy to rake mud and make it stick.

What is so strange and typical is that the Campaign for National Independence is run by a group of old fashioned antiquated Mintoffians with a very full war chest.

Strangely they have reinvigorated some of their old experiences.

But they conveniently forget two anecdotes from their past, the first is their opposition to Independence in 1964 and their campaign for integration with Britain in 1957.

If only pigs could fly!

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