18 - 24 April 2001

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Remote trading facilities for MSE clients

The Malta Stock Exchange (MSE) will launch remote trading facilities for stockbrokers in the next three months ensuring greater convenience for investors.

MSE General Manager, Mark Guillaumier told The Business Times that this was the first phase in an ongoing restructuring process at the ëborzaí. The MSE will move to new premises in Valletta in July.

Currently brokers have to be present at the MSEís premises to trade. The new system ensures brokers will have a terminal at their respective offices that will be directly linked to the stock exchangeís central server via secure connection.

Mr. Guillaumier said "this system will be more convenient for both investors and brokers. It will also help to increase liquidity in the market."

Asked to comment on the response received from stockbrokers, Mr. Guillaumier said that it was very encouraging.

"Brokers are currently gearing themselves up to make use of the system when it is launched," he remarked.

The MSE general manager believes that remote trading is the first step in ensuring more convenience for investors. The next phase would be using the Internet. However, Mr. Guillaumier sees this as an opportunity that can be exploited by brokers.

"I personally believe that brokers could use secure Internet connections to link to their clients. In this way investors would be able to place their trades from home, which will then be verified by the broker, who in turn will place the trade on the MSE", Mr. Guillaumier added.

The MSE web site, www.borzamalta.com.mt, lists 16 licensed stockbrokers.

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