9 - 15 May, 2001

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Going that extra mile

The Business Times spoke to Bay Street’s Marketing Manager, Deborah Webster, about what it’s like to be involved at managerial level in the largest investment project in local entertainment.

Having travelled round a good part of the globe and having lived, studied and worked in cosmopolitan localities, Ms Webster has absorbed a little bit of each of the cultures she experienced. She is half-English and half-Maltese, was raised in Saudi Arabia, and attended school and university in England.

At 29 years of age, her impressive CV includes a Psychology and Business Studies degree, a marketing post with Sega, and work in the United States as a recruiting consultant.

"My studies were important to me, they made me aware of the importance of people skills, which can be crucial, particularly if you are working as a team," she explains.

She also related the problem encountered by many new graduates, "I always wanted to attend university, even as a young child, but when I finished reading my degree I wasn’t quite sure which path I was going to pursue. But then you have a breakthrough, and things sort of work themselves out" she explained.

Ms Webster has been working with Bay Street for two years. She began her role in the Bay Street adventure in April 1999, back during the preparatory work for the complex.

When speaking to The Business Times, Ms Webster revealed that she prefers a hectic lifestyle, one in which no one day is like any other. "When I am constantly on the go, I realise that I actually find things better, I like it that way – as they say, variety is the spice of life," she added with a smile that did not betray the long hours of work and the commitment she puts into the job.

When asked about her plans for the future, she immediately replies, "My main focus is on seeing ways for Bay Street to increase its strength in the local market, as well as building business alliances and ensuring personal development. You have to love what you do – the rest just follows."

Although it is difficult to imagine that she has very much free time on her hands, Ms Webster explains, "I like travelling, going for long drives, and scuba diving – which just takes me to a different world." Her travels have taken her to various destinations in the United States, Europe and the Far East. "I would love to visit Africa and India – two places that have always deeply fascinated me. I wouldn’t mind spending some time on a desert island either, where I can have some quiet time and take things easy for a while," she says with a laugh.

When asked about her relationship with her colleagues, Ms Webster said that, "We have a great team – all very individual but we blend in really well. The success of any project heavily relies on the commitment of the team, which is definitely one of Bay Street’s major strengths," she continued. "We have a great working attitude here. We have one shared vision and work together in achieving it. It’s extraordinary how we have all transformed since our involvement in Bay Street." she stressed.

In view of her varied experiences beyond our shores, Ms Webster added, "Many people found it strange for me to decide to settle in Malta after having experienced different cultures abroad, but Malta has lots to offer. I just wish more people realised the strengths and opportunities Malta offers."

Speaking about her role as Bay Street Marketing Manager, Ms Webster said that her golden rule is to always go that extra mile and hold the customer’s needs as the primary focus. She is also determined to do her utmost for the success of the project and maintain a growing customer following.

When asked what it is like being a woman at such a high managerial level, Ms Webster said, "I never really thought about it. I guess sometimes it makes a difference but ultimately, the important thing is to be yourself and believe in who you are."

Despite work commitments and dedication, she assured that she is more than happy to take a break whenever she needs it. Her tastes for relaxing activities vary from sailing with her father, to dinner or movies with a few close friends. She does not shy away from giving her family and friends their due thanks for giving her their full support.


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