9 - 15 May, 2001

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Retail price index up by 0.6%
inflation drops by 0.9%

The rate of inflation for March 2001 stood at 1.92 per cent, a drop of 0.9 per cent over February’s inflation rate.

In March 2001 the Retail Price Index rose by 0.68 points or 0.60 per cent over February and reached 113.94.

Over March 2001, sections monitored for Retail Price Index purposes included food, durable household goods, personal care and health and other goods and services.

The food items index went up by 2.03 points or 1.83 per cent over the previous month. This change was caused by average price increases in respect of biscuits and rusks, fresh meat, chicken and rabbits, frozen meat, fresh vegetables and fruits. A drop in the average price of potatoes was also recorded.

Average price rises in respect of furniture and soft furnishings resulted in an increase of 0.41 points or 0.39 per cent in the Durable Household Goods index. At the same time, a price drop was recorded in respect of a range of decorative household goods.

The Personal Care and Health index went up by 0.35 points or 0.29 per cent over the previous month. The recorded increase was mainly due to higher prices in respect of a range of toiletry items, cosmetics and hairdressing and shaving items.

The Other Goods and Services index went up by 0.42 points or 0.39 per cent as a result of higher average prices for gold jewellery.


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