9 - 15 May, 2001

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Eurovision song contest
Only if we win

By Kurt Sansone

The Eurovision song contest is expected to make a contribution of more than Lm4.2 million to the Danish economy, according to the organisers. This amount excludes contributions made by the sponsors.

The song contest will be held next Saturday in Copenhagen’s Parken stadium and will be broadcast live in more than 30 different countries including Malta. The Eurovision is watched by 100 million viewers. It gives singers the chance to perform on prime time television in front of a record audience.

Continues from page 1Organisers estimate that the 1,200 delegates staying in Copenhagen for seven days will leave more than Lm300,000. Furthermore, the organisers are expecting more than 5,000 foreigners to visit Denmark’s capital specifically because of the song contest. This influx of people, staying for three or four days, will leave an income of approximately Lm1.5 million.

The Danish Ministry of Trade and Employment has invested almost Lm100,000 in a social programme for the different country delegates. However, the total cost of the festival has not been revealed. Danish tourist authorities are viewing this event as a major publicity stunt for the country.

Six major sponsors are partners in the event. These include international accounting firm Deloitte & Touche, who will supervise the nail biting voting process.

Next Saturday, Maltese viewers will be glued to their TV sets keeping their fingers crossed in anticipation of the final result. Malta’s representative, Fabrizio Faniello is consistently ranked among the top four in various Internet polls. If he wins, the minister of finance will certainly be rubbing his head and scrambling to the calculator. The figures do not look all that bad.



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