20 - 26 June , 2001

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Corinthia group interested in Slovakian market

By Ray Abdilla

The Corinthia Group of Companies could well add further to its expansion in the international market by increasing its hotel business in Slovakia.

Alan Sitàr, Advisor to the Slovakian Prime Minister, who was on a two-day visit to Malta, yesterday spoke about the interest during a tour of METCO in which Maltese and Slovakian business delegations met.

Mr Sitàr said that he had already spoken to Corinthia Group officials and that other meetings between the two parties will be held in Malta and also in Slovakia about the deal.

He explained that the Corinthia Group has shown a keen interest in opening another hotel in Slovakia following on from their ventures in Hungary, Tunisa and the Czech Republic.

Mr Sitàr discussed ways in which trade between the two countries could be improved with METCO chairman, Anthony Diacono.

He also described Slovakia’s own organisation that promotes imports and exports – SARIO – as being very efficient and based on the Irish mould.

Both agreed that small countries could still benefit from their strategic placing, as far European Union membership was concerned.

"Being small is definitely not a disadvantage," Mr Diacono said. "On the contrary, a small country can find niche markets in different countries and take a slice of the share from other, larger countries. Certain markets, especially those in Africa and the Middle East, have the potential to greatly increase trade for Malta in the near future."

Mr Diacono also told the Slovakian delegation that both sides could work together in certain sectors, such as tourism, with mutual benefits.

He highlighted the incentives that would be made available to a Slovakian company if it makes the decision to start operating in Malta, saying it could get the same help as a Maltese set-up.

"Malta is a very well-trusted country and accession to the European Union will also make us more competitive and put us on the map," he said.

Following the Slovakian delegation’s visit, a Maltese delegation from METCO are set to travel to Rome, where there is a Slovakian office.

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