4 July 2001

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Local News

Will VAT appear in the new updated policy?
The Labour Party will soon publish its adjourned economic and financial policy after a year of internal discussions and meetings with operators in the various sectors.

Press Club’s soft approach to fishermen violence
Journalists who were harassed during last Monday’s protest by Maltese fishermen found little consolation in the press release issued by the Malta Press Club in their support.

Tal-Qroqq Hospital spurs radical health reforms
Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami yesterday gave wind of the radical reforms that are expected to revolutionise the National Health Service during a speech he gave at the construction site of the new hospital at Tal-Qroqq.

Insurance crisis for water sports sector

By Miriam Dunn
Time is running out for water sports’ operators to find a company willing to provide them with insurance. Paul Ebejer, chairman of the water sports’ association, admitted that if he and his colleagues don’t manage to find cover for their businesses by August, they will be faced with the dilemma of whether to close down or continue operating without insurance.

Very positive reaction to BPA – Josef Bonnici
- Lm2.6 million spent on industrial estates last year
Economic Services Minister, Josef Bonnici, last Saturday highlighted the fact that the reaction to the new Business Promotion Act’s (BPA) has been very positive, as have been the manufacturing results from this year’s first quarter.

Eurobarometer finds Europeans grossly uninformed on EU enlargement
Unlike the Maltese public, who have over recent years been unceasingly deliberating over the pros and cons of EU membership, the European public appears to be completely in the dark over the question of EU enlargement.

Vodafone Malta employees to benefit from GBP375m stock option
On Monday the Vodafone Group announced that it has granted share options to over 42,000 employees in 12 subsidiaries around the world, from which Vodafone Malta employees are also expected to benefit.

Discovery Centre: falling short of expectations
The Discovery Centre at Bay Street, which was trumpeted as an innovative concept for Malta when the complex was opened six months ago, is operating far below the expected level.

BOVI operations reintegrated with BOV Group
BOVI’s private banking services extended to Maltese
The Bank of Valletta Group announced recently that its directors have decided to reintegrate within the parent company the operations currently being undertaken by Bank of Valletta International Limited (BOVI), whose ten year offshore banking licence is due to expire at the beginning of October.


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