4 July 2001

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Briton working in Malta wins UK National Lottery

One locally-based British Internet betting company could very well end up minus one employee, after a British expatriate hit the jackpot last weekend by winning the UK National Lottery – his share of which totalled GBP3.6 million sterling.

Phil Partridge, a father of two, and his wife Julie had moved to Malta some three years ago but the couple were so involved in playing the National Lottery that they had relatives in England purchase tickets for them every week.

After seeing last Saturday's draw numbers on Sky TV they boarded on the first plane home - flying in business class – but not before engaging in a game of bingo on Sunday evening, in which Mrs Partridge reportedly won some Lm500.

According to a spokesperson for Camelot, organisers of the UK National Lottery, "The couple had no idea they had won until they saw Sky News that night. They had given the woman's stepfather the cash in advance to get lottery tickets for a year so they wouldn't miss out.

"When they found out they'd won, they got the first flight back but didn't even realise they could claim it on a Sunday."

To their surprise the pair, originally from South Ockenden, Essex, are due to receive a cheque for their half of the £7.2 million jackpot from Camelot, while the other half will go to another winner who wishes to remain anonymous.

The presentation is due to take place at Charlton Athletic's ground in south London, as the husband is a big fan of the UK Premiership side.

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