18 July 2001

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More then 1,500kg of VAT receipts in lottery bid
No one at the Lotto Department bothers to count the large number of VAT receipts participating in the regular monthly lottery, but the Director of Public Lotto, Alfred Muscat revealed that the total weight of the receipts has reached an access of 1,500kg a month. But inside sources said this equalled 7 million receipts a month

Pork industry still finding its feet
Consumers, retailers, producers and food processors are still struggling to cope with a pork industry that has been left in disarray following a huge increase in demand triggered by the BSE crisis earlier in the year

MLP exponents give conflicting views on Price Club redundancies
The Price Club redundancies have sent the Labour Party reeling in two opposite directions with finance spokesperson Leo Brincat cautioning against government intervention while Karl Chricop, Marie Louise Coleiro and Chris Agius chiding government for staying out of the issue

Stanley Leisure to return to UK following abolition of betting tax
Less than a year since Stanley Leisure set up its Internet betting arm in tax-friendly Malta, the company has announced that it will be repatriating its Malta operations back to the UK by the end of the year


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