22 AUGUST 2001

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Water Services Corporation in the process of exporting own technology

The Water Services Corporation is in the process of exporting it’s own technology after a contract was made with American marketing company Ocean Power.

Through it’s workers at the Corporation the local company is ready to issue Reverse Osmosis Plants to other companies around the world.

"When speaking to The Financial and Business Times the Chairman of the Water Services Corporation Mr Michael Falzon, said that such work is already taking place by the Malta Desalination Services, a company which is 100 per cent owned by the Water Services Corporation.

Reverse Osmosis Plants are being made for hotels in Malta. Mr Falzon said that Ocean Power will be acting as sub-contractor for the Water Services Corporation in this field.

At present 31.4 million m3/year of desalinated water are being produced from four sea water Reverse Osmosis Plants and one brackish water Reverse Osmosis Plant, but this is a rather expensive procedure. In 1993, of the total produced wastewater estimated at 23.7 million m3, about 1.82 million m3 was treated and 1.56 million m3 of this was reused.

The Water Services Corporation provides the legal support to an effective national water resources management which manages the supply and demand of potable and non-potable water.

The Water Services Corporation Act, enacted in 1991, serves as the legislative backbone and incorporates all the legal tools and institutional framework to deal with every situation in the water sector in Malta and to coordinate all the activities concerned in full awareness of the environmental constraints and national socio-economic requirements. The Corporation will also be responsible, once the relative parts of the Act come into force, for wastewater collection and treatment.

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