22 AUGUST 2001

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Malta as 'staging post' for booming stolen equipment trade

Malta’s status as the transportation hub of the Mediterranean has always been highly publicised, but the country’s strategic geographical position is not always used for legitimate business practices

No comments to press on magisterial inquiry
By Kurt Sansone
Yesterday evening Police Commissioner George Grech denied that he had been summoned by Magistrate Hayman. He accused sections of the press of attempting to distort the course of justice. He added that at no point has an appointment been arranged with Magistrate Hayman.

Transport minister talks of maintenance commitment after contract
By Daniela Farrugia Randon
During an on site meeting with the press, the Minister for Transport and Telecommunications Censu Galea outlined the obligations for new contracted projects by focusing on the Salina – Iklin road Naxxar which kicked off three months ago


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