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Maltacom appoints new corporate broker

Christopher J. Pace of Globe Financial Stockbrokers Ltd has been appointed corporate stockbroker to Maltacom plc. Mr Pace is a member of the Malta Stock Exchange. The corporate stockbroker to a listed company acts as a point of contact between the investor, the company, the media and the regulator, preparing reports, releasing information, and issuing company announcements.

Mr Pace said, "We feel extremely privileged to have been chosen to serve in this capacity, and we intend to work hard on behalf of Maltacom, its shareholders, and its staff."

Andrew Zarb Mizzi, managing director of Globe Financial Stockbrokers, says that the company will bring to bear the full weight of its alliance with the Globe Organisation when fulfilling its corporate brokerage responsibilities. "We shall ensure that Maltacom complies at all times with its continuing obligations under the bye-laws of the Malta Stock Exchange," he said. "We intend to manage Maltacom’s relationship between the domestic market and the financial press, providing an informed point of contact for existing and prospective investors in Maltacom shares, or any other securities that Maltacom may issue."

Christopher J. Pace, through Globe Financial Stockbrokers, is also corporate broker to Middlesea Insurance, and was joint sponsoring broker when Middlesea was listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. Globe Financial Stockbrokers Ltd was also the sponsoring broker to Barclays Investment Funds, when these were listed on the Malta Stock Exchange. The company was set up in 1991 to specialise in trading activity on the newly formed Malta Stock Exchange. It is active in the field of corporate financing, and recently assisted in the successful public offer of Verdala Finance plc.

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