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Collective agreement with UHM signed

The Employment and Training Corporation and the Union Haddiema Maghqudin have signed the 2001-2003 collective agreement at a ceremony held at the Conference Hall of the ETC Head Office in Hal Far.

The new agreement, signed after negotiations between the two sides, lays emphasis on equal opportunities rights and ushers in a training and development policy for ETC employees. Newly introduced benefits for the employees include special leave with pay and special unpaid leave, long service bonus and improved qualification recognition grant.

The agreement also provides improved salary conditions which make them comparable to those established in the last collective agreement for the public servants.

The agreement was signed by Dr Robert Tufigno, chairman, and John P. Camilleri, CEO, on behalf of the ETC and by Joseph Grillo, secretary, Parastatal Section, Herbert Debattista, shop steward and Maria Bartolo Galea, assistant shop steward, on behalf of UHM. Representatives on both sides welcomed the signing of the agreement as another step forward for ETC and the crucial role it plays in the Maltese economy.

Welcoming the new collective agreement before the singing, ETC chairman went through the salient points of the agreement.

Present for the signing of the agreement were Dr Lawrence Gonzi, Acting Prime Minister and Social Policy Minister, who remarked that the signing of collective agreement underlines an important signpost for social dialogue and industrial relations. Minister Gonzi said that our country is gearing up for the changing world of work through an increased emphasis on greater flexibility in the workplace which translates itself in increased productivity and efficiency. He augured that through this collective agreement workers at ETC will enhance the Corporation's efficiency and effectiveness in the delivery of its services.

The Minister also welcomed the setting up of the summer entertainment zone of the ETC which has been enshrined In the new ETC-UHM collective agreement under the provision clause for child care facilities for the ETC employees.

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