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Creating sustainable business

Consumer spending has increased by Lm5.2 million wholesale and retail increased by 4.5 percent up to March 2001 when compared to the same period last year, the Parliamentary Secretary in the Economic Services Ministry, Edwin Vassallo, said yesterday.

Mr Vassallo, who was speaking at a press conference launching an activities week in the commercial sector, said the government had undertaken to develop an entrepreneurial policy which will contribute toward increasing national wealth.

He added that the working plan for the secretariat, will be implemented by and from different departments and entities, with activities aimed at creating ‘sustainable business.

Mr Vassallo also said that a number of initiatives will be launched in the near future. He mentioned a white paper, ‘Entrepreneurship policy for the Maltese Islands , a working plan of the Maltese Council for crafts as well as other initiatives. The development of a support service is also being considered to help achieve sustainable business.

"After continuous effort, we have managed to organise the Commerce Division. The division now focuses on providing a helpful service for those in business," Mr Vassallo said.

The department for commercial services, which is to be issuing the new trade licences, will be dispensing information regarding the process of issuing licences. There will also be talks on E-Commerce and its relation to trade.

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