3 OCTOBER 2001

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A proposal to Mr Grioli

From Maurice Zarb Adami
Chairman, Maltacom plc

I refer to the interview given by Mr Joe Grioli to David Lindsay under the title of "The cutting edge of communication" which appeared in The Malta & Business Times of the 26 September. Mr Grioli invited his interviewer to ask the government to ensure that the laws of the land are observed. Perhaps Mr Grioli can enlighten us about the laws relating to the appointment of Directors to company boards and can comment on Vodafone's co-operation and good will in allowing Maltacom's exit from Vodafone.

I particularly enjoyed Mr Grioli's gratification at his company's efforts to reduce prices as soon as competition loomed on the horizon, about ten years after they started operating in Malta. I invite Mr Grioli to co-operate with us in our forthcoming request to the Regulator to reduce interconnect rates so that we will all be able to reduce tariffs even more.

Mobisle Communications, trading under the Go Mobile brand, started operations ten months ago on the 1 of December 2000. With our 60,000 customers, no wonder the last ten months feel like two years to some people.

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