24 OCTOBER 2001

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FOI Half-day conference Malta, the EU and the economy

Throughout recent months, a number of critical issues related to EU relations and the economy have been debated in Malta. In the meantime there are constant developments concerning the restructuring of both industry and the economy. Some of them are being pushed as priority items connected with EU membership. Other important issues may not be as a direct consequence of the EU membership negotiations, but still have a significant direct or indirect influence on how industry and related services will operate in the coming years and to what extent will our industry remain competitive. The situation will be the subject of debate at a half-day Conference being organised by the Malta Federation of Industry at the Corinthia San Gorg Hotel next Wednesday 31st October 2001 entitled "FOI Members meet the Political Leaders – Malta, the EU and the Economy".

For this Conference, the FOI has invited the Prime Minister Dr. E. Fenech Adami and the Leader of the Opposition Dr. A. Sant to discuss their respective views on Malta and the European Union. FOI President J. Zammit Tabona will also be delivering a presentation on The State of Economy.

This occasion is being offered exclusively to FOI members and will be conducted behind closed doors. In fact, Media access will be restricted to the first 30 minutes of the conference, when the two political leaders will make their presentation. The rest of the conference will consist of what is expected to be a frank and open debate between members and the two political leaders.

This conference will be made possible through three Event Sponsors, namely Consolidated Biscuit Co. Ltd., The General Soft Drinks Co. Ltd. and Emmanuel Delicata & Co. Ltd., as well as the continued support of the FOI Sponsoring Partners: Bank of Valletta plc. and Corinthia Hotels International.

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