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Chamber welcomes policy on boathouses in the North

The Malta Chamber of Planners welcomed the recent Government initiative, which seeks to rationalise the use of the area through the provision of improved structures and a better utilisation of the space. Thus, public recreational standards are upheld whilst sensitive ecological and heritage resources are protected.
The Malta Chamber of Planners acknowledged that there is a requirement for this particular type of recreational/ tourism activity. This requirement is also acknowledged by the Structure Plan for the Maltese Islands. The proposed solution seems to reconcile planning requirements with a practical and equitable approach so that the Maltese public is given the opportunity to enjoy the fragile coastline in a better way.
The Malta Chamber of Planners said it agreed with the introduction of a fee system, thus discouraging the concept that public land is there for grabs. Public land in Malta is a very precious resource. Malta cannot afford to squander such a precious resource. It is therefore imperative that activities taking place on public land are carefully planned and well managed. It is only in this way that a balance is struck between social, economic and environmental considerations. It is also right and proper that adequate deterrents are established and implemented to discourage further abuse of public land.
The Malta Chamber of Planners augured that in the public interest, government should not yield to the pressure of the few to the detriment of the many.


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