19 DECEMBER 2001

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Father Internet virtually in Malta

By Kurt Sansone

He is not exactly Father Christmas but for the millions of people world-wide whose jobs, communication and entertainment needs or business depends on the Internet he is akin to the magical red-cloaked white-bearded figure that children adore.

Vinton Cerf gave this world what could be considered to be one of the best gifts ever; the Internet. And this important figure for the Internet community was ‘virtually’ in Malta on Thursday 13 December during a video conferencing session organised by media production company, Deemedia.tv Ltd.

Mr Cerf is one of the founding figures of the Internet. Together with colleague Robert E. Kahn he designed the Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP), which is the way data moves around the Internet. TCP/IP is also the main architecture of the virtual world.

The video conferencing session, which lasted about 40 minutes, was held at the offices of DataStream in Mriehel. Mr Cerf was asked various questions about the Internet by a panel made up of John de Giorgio of Shireburn Ltd, Eng. Silvana Dimech a business analyst and moderator of the Hubmed Network and Dr Michael Frendo, of GFT Advocates. Joe Woods of Deemedia.tv facilitated the session.

The video conferencing session will be televised in the ‘eZone’ programme scheduled on NET TV on Sunday 23 December at 7pm. ‘eZone’ is a weekly TV series with a mission statement to popularise the Internet and eculture. The programme will also be web streamed on di-ve.com.

Jordan de Giorgio, who manages Deemedia.tv, said after the event that the session was very successful and that the company will venture further into this field in its next series which is scheduled to start in January next year.


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