2 JANUARY 2002

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A year of the interview

The interview has always served as an integral feature of the Malta Financial and Business Times, bringing the words of industry leaders and policy makers out of the press releases and to life. On the following pages we have selected extracts from what we believe have been our most interesting face to face chats of the year, and those that our interviewers have enjoyed the most. Next week we will continue to keep your thumbs on the pulse of the economy and industry with our weekly instalment

In the driving seat
His lines of business are diverse, but entrepreneur Joe Gasan admitted to Miriam Dunn that he still has a soft spot for the automobile division.

Industrial relations
The Federation of Industry has a key role to play as Malta adapts to the changing economic market. FOI Secretary General Edwin Calleja spoke to Miriam Dunn on EU accession, the fringe benefits controversy and other topical matters.

Planning ahead
Miriam Dunn earlier this year asked the then Planning Authority Chairman Christopher Falzon how he reacts to criticism that the PA is sometimes accused of coming down hard on the small fry while ignoring the big fish.

A ‘hubbing’ vision for Malta
Much is said about the impact of globalisation on Maltese enterprise. Kurt Sansone spoke to Joseph Woods about the challenges and the opportunities that may arise from the phenomenon.

Constructing a better future
Times are changing in the building industry and Robert Musumeci this year told Miriam Dunn how the Building Industry Consultative Council, of which he is chairman, is assisting those working in the sector to make those changes.

Tackling the expenditure problem
Shadow Finance Minister Leo Brincat told Ray Abdilla that the key to getting the country back on its feet is to instil new confidence amongst the economic players, thereby generating growth that is effective, but sustainable.

Credit-crunches and foreign competition
Economic Services Minister, Josef Bonnici, spoke to Kurt Sansone about the unemployment controversy and the challenges Maltese industry faces in view of EU membership.

A seamless financial service
David Lindsay spoke to Barclays Malta General Manager, Richard Wallace, soon after Barclays set up its International Investments facility in Malta.

Helping small businesses move forward in a changing economy
Miriam Dunn spoke to Edwin Vassallo, parliamentary secretary in the Economic Services Ministry about the problems being faced by Malta’s small to medium sized enterprises.

Reflections and warnings on tourism
Ray Abdilla spoke to shadow tourism minister, Karmenu Vella, who reminisced on the great extent to which the industry has changed over the last 20 years, explaining that the process is continual in its bid to adapt to consumer trends, demands, tastes, travel motivation and travel patterns.

Turning a telecom tanker into a yacht
With the telecommunications sector entering a new era, Maltacom’s Group Chief Executive Stephen Muscat spoke to Kurt Sansone about his vision for the company as it gears up to face competition.

Facilitating telecom liberalisation
The Malta Communications Authority was instituted at the beginning of the year with the important role of facilitating the opening of the telecommunications market. David Lindsay spoke to MCA Chairman Joseph V. Tabone about the MCA’s role, the sector’s fast growing marketplace and the liberalisations in the pipeline.

The cutting edge of communications
It's been two years since Vodafone Malta has had to deal with competition in the mobile sector. David Lindsay spoke to Vodafone Managing Director Joseph Grioli on how the market has mushroomed, consumer trends and what the company plans for the future.

Ensuring a fair marketplace
David Lindsay recently spoke to Marcel Pizzuto, Director General of the Consumer and Competition Division about the Division’s brief of ensuring fair competition, consumer rights and transposing directives within these spheres

Flying high in the face of challenge
Prior to the events of 11 September, Miriam Dunn spoke to Air Malta chief Louis Grech about maintaining profitability in the face of stiff competition.

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