9 JANUARY 2002

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No EU connection for sympathy strikes proposal
By Kurt Sansone
The proposal by government to outlaw sympathy strikes, as outlined in the white paper amending the Industrial Relations Act has nothing to do with EU legislation and more to do with government’s way of forging out a future for industrial relations

Farsons secures 7UP
Simonds Farsons Cisk yesterday announced it has been appointed by PepsiCo International Limited as the exclusive franchisee to produce, bottle, sell and distribute 7UP and Diet 7UP in Malta and Gozo. The agreement was effective as of yesterday

Fund repatriation scheme active for over a month
Maltese banks and financial intermediaries are undoubtedly looking for the ways and means of capitalising on the new investment repatriation schemes, as an unknown yet potentially large number of Maltese take the leap by repatriating funds from accounts in British and Channel Island banks. However, only a handful appear to have announced concrete local re-investment schemes

Maltese grain carrier sues Australian Port Authority for crash
The Maltese operator of a giant grain carrier that crashed into an Australian jetty, causing AUD2.5 million (Lm585,000) damage, is suing the South Australian Ports Corporation for its involvement in the incident. The action is due to be heard in the Australian Supreme Court later this month


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