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METCO International business exchange in Germany

METCO's Euro Info Centre [EICC] is co-ordinating the participation of Maltese companies in ‘EuroPartner’ - an international business co-operation exchange due to be held in Dortmund, Germany between 24 and 25 June.

The event aims to promote new business relationships between companies from all parts of Europe and the Mediterranean. Four hundred firms, representing all sectors of manufacturing industry, commerce and services will be taking part in 'EuroPartner’. Simultaneously during the event, there will be three ‘special forums’ whereby some of the exhibitors will be sharing their experiences with companies in the same sector. These special forums will focus on the IT, media and logistics sectors.

Almost all exhibitors are small and medium-sized enterprises and most of them come from the northern-western region of Germany - its most economically powerful State. Moreover, this region also contains within its borders Europe's largest concentration of manufacturing and service industries. Apart from the German firms, EuroPartner will be attended by exhibitors from the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France and the United Kingdom.

During the two-day event, an estimated 1,000 companies from over 15 countries in Europe and the Mediterranean are expected to register as visitors and may hold up to 30 individual pre-scheduled business meetings with the exhibitors.

Discussions may concern various topics, such as how the prospective partners can help and support each other to target unfamiliar markets. The exhibitors usually seek or other a wide range of business co-operation opportunities, such as to enter Into joint production work, distribution partnerships, sub-contracting or licensing/patent arrangements and technical co-operation agreements, amongst others.

Detailed profiles of the exhibitor companies are available, free of charge, either online or in a printed catalogue, obtainable from the Euro Info Centre. Maltese visiting companies will also benefit from the opportunity to have their own profile featured on the electronic catalogue on the Internet and may pre-book meetings with other visiting companies in Dortmund.

The EICC is co-ordinating the participation of Maltese companies to this important business event and interested companies are kindly asked to contact Brigitte Tanti at the EICC on tel.: 48143211, fax: 21441106 or email: brigitte.tanti@eicc.metco.net

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