13 MARCH 2002

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GRTU issues fish directive at market
The General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU) has issued a directive to fish sellers not to buy fresh fish from the main fish market in Valletta. The directive was ordered in light of the manner in which prices are being calculated at the market, which, the GRTU insists, is over-inflating their value.

HSBC extends home loan offer
HSBC announced yesterday that its special offer on all new home loans up to Lm35,000 has been extended till 30 June 2002.

Trade licence process simplified
A consultation exercise that has been going on for the past three years will bear fruit by the end of April when the process for issuing trade licences will be delegated to 20 different authorities each adopting a one-stop shop concept.

Import ban on Chinese food products
Following in the footsteps of the European Commission, which slapped a food ban on products originating from China, the director for veterinary services on Monday issued an import ban on products aimed for both human and animal consumption originating from China.

Broad money expands, narrow money falls
The Central Bank of Malta reports that broad money, M3, expanded further in January under the impact of a rise in domestic credit. Broad money, which is made up of currency in circulation and residents’ deposits with the banking system, expanded by Lm17.6 million in January such that the annual rate of growth of M3 decelerated to 7.7 per cent from 8.4 per cent in December 2001.

World Consumer Rights Day – Voices for change
Joseph Schembri - Director of Information and Client Affairs at the Consumer and Competition Division – speaks of the consumers’ right to representation and other related issues, to mark World Consumer Rights Day next Friday

Joseph Zammit Tabona re-elected FOI president
At a recent council meeting Joseph Zammit Tabona was elected President of the F.O.I. for the third year running.

Arbitration as a dispute resolution mechanism
As one travels from East to West the tendency to settle disputes and to get one’s point across in an adversarial and litigious fashion becomes more pronounced. Indeed, in many a situation, it is even considered weak to resolve without reference to force.

Malta to persevere in bid for fishing derogation
The government has not given up yet in its bid to get a derogation from the European Union which would prevent foreign fishermen operating in Maltese waters, even though a spokesperson for EU commissioner, Gunther Verheugen, has said that Malta will not get its request.



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