20 MARCH 2002

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Referendum likely for second quarter of 2003
By Kurt Sansone
The signing of the Accession Treaty between Malta and the European Union will take place in March next year along with that of other candidate countries, sources in Brussels told The Malta Financial and Business Times. This date rules out the possibility of the government holding a referendum on the issue in the first three months of 2003. READ MORE >>

PM for early euro adoption date
Speaking at last weekend’s Barcelona Summit, Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami announced that Malta intends to keep the period in which it is a member of the EU's Exchange Rate Mechanism as short as possible before joining the euro. READ MORE >>

Maltacom defends role in IT&T certificate controversy
By Miriam Dunn
Maltacom chief executive Stephen Muscat has told The Malta Financial and Business Times that the company had no alternative but to provide import certificates for IT&T merchandise and would have gladly stopped offering the service if the government had permitted it to do so. READ MORE >>

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