6 MARCH 2002

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ISP’s code of ethics

From Philip Cassar - Chairman, ISPSS - Chamber of Commerce

Please refer to your article entitled "No lSP code of practice" which appeared on issue No: 224 dated Wednesday 20 February 2002.

I wish to point out that an official request for the formulation of a code of practice or code of ethics, was made by the MCA to the ISPSS of the Chamber of Commerce in June last year. Since then, several drafts were exchanged between the ISP's themselves and also between the ISP sub-section of the Chamber and the MCA. It is worth noting, that the ISPSS of the Chamber of Commerce had been working on a Code of Ethics for the Section members much before it became a legal requirement. At that stage it was agreed with the MCA that it would be in everyone's interest if this would be the same, as the one required by the MCA.
I would like to assure you and the general public that it is by no means an easy task to formulate a code of ethics which is acceptable in its entire form to all lSP's, and also the MCA. It must be understood that ISP's are private enterprises run by business people who each have their own budgets and targets.
It would also be opportune to state that by coincidence, the ISPSS yesterday, 20 February 2002, sent over to the MCA the final draft of the Code of Ethics for their approval and we are now waiting for their answer.


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