10 APRIL 2002

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Paola supermarket re-opening eventually in due time

By a Staff Reporter

It is still unclear when Carter’s Supermarket will be re-opening its doors to the public, as the owner attempts to put right a legacy of problems which the Price Club supermarket has left him to deal with.

Although the huge shopping complex situated in Luqa Road, Paola has put up notices announcing its re-opening, Patrick Dalli is still not in a position to give a definite date when the supermarket will open again to the public.

"The premises were leased to Price Club over the past five years," he told The Malta Financial and Business Times. "The lease agreement elapsed at the end of October 2001, but I only took re-possession after five months. I have already employed 30 people, but I am faced with a very difficult situation following the Price Club’s misadventures."

These difficulties are hindering Mr Dalli in his bid to get business moving, mainly because Price Club employees have apparently caused extensive damage to his property and left unpaid bills.

"Damages amount to around Lm 100,000," he said. "For instance, the two lifts are both out of order, the air-conditioning system is broken, as well as the computer system. The soffits also need changing and that is just the beginning."

Apart from serious damages, Mr Dalli is having to take stock of the fact that the Price Club still owes him five months in rental payments. "The worst part of all is that since the Price Club still owes huge amounts of money in unpaid electricity bills, Enemalta does not want to supply my premises with electricity," he said. "So until this is cleared up, I am wasting time and money. My employees are still being paid and I am still trying to re-open the supermarket, but I am wasting a lot of resources due to other people’s mistakes."

Paola town people are eager to see the supermarket, which was well-established way before Price Club took it over, re-opened. The shop had supplied a great proportion of the local population as well as bringing in shoppers from surrounding areas such as Tarxien, Santa Lucia and Luqa.


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