17 APRIL 2002

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Customs changes threaten role of ‘burdnara’

A bid by the authorities to bring customs practices in line with those commonly used in European countries is likely to spell trouble in the cargo haulage and customs’ clearance sector.

Under Malta’s current system, the traditional ‘burdnara’ alone are permitted to undertake customs clearance and transport of cargo to and from all customs areas, besides the trader himself.

But now, according to the Association of General Retailers and Traders, which represents the ‘burdnara’, the Comptroller of Customs has decided to allow other interested parties to act as agents for customs clearance.

According to GRTU director general, the move is in line with the department’s decision to prepare for the adoption of the Common Customs Code applicable to all customs in the European zone.

Mr Farrugia stressed that the move goes against current legislation and that the ‘burdnara’ would fight any changes to the system "in the most militant way".

"We have warned that this is not acceptable and the ‘burdnara’ will object most strongly to changes to the law which would threaten their rights as customs clearance officers," he said.

Mr Farrugia added that the GRTU is now calling a general meeting of all ‘burdnara’ to consider what action to take should the government decide to change the law to their detriment.


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