22 MAY 2002

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Go mobile found cheaper than Malta from overseas, but Vodafone with a wider service

With both of Malta’s mobile telephony operators evening out in terms of the price of local calls, the next mobile pricing and coverage battlefield may present itself in the realm of overseas telephony.

As most mobile users would be aware, go mobile offers cheaper rates when using the service from abroad, but Vodafone's more extensive service makes it more easier for customers when going abroad.

Go mobile customers who posses a contract has the ability to call from practically anywhere in Europe, as Maltacom's subsidiary company have a deal with other foreign companies such as Orange, 02 UK and T Mobile.

Go Mobile Customer Care representative Tony Bonnici told The Malta Financial and Business Times yesterday that currently people using pre-paid cards are not able to phone Malta from abroad and are only able receive calls, receive mails and send mails. "In the future this will hopefully change," said Mr Bonnici.

He also said that those with contracts could even phone from places such as Australia and Dubai, but to date are not in a position to phone from places like the United States of America and Canada. However, discussions are in the offing for such calls to be made available.

Mr Bonnici said that a Lm13 a month rental fee is to be paid if one is to sign a contract with go mobile. Then he would pay another fee for using the mobile internationally. The calls cost 52 cents during peak time hours, i.e. from Monday to Saturday 7.30 am to 9.30 pm. And 45 cents off peak, the other hours, including all hours on Sunday.

Meanwhile with Vodafone one could phone from abroad even with an etalk card. The price is 71 cents per minute in peak times and 48 cents during off peak hours. The only problem with Vodafone is that one could not send SMS's and could only receive them. However, regarding calls Vodafone is catered for practically throughout the globe.

Meanwhile, Vodafone Customer Care representative Nathalie Casha told The Malta Financial and Business Times that Vodafone has two contacts which one can sign up for, Lm6 for the man in the street and Lm10 for a business enterprise.


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