12 JUNE 2002

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Golf course developer launches PR battle
By Kurt Sansone
Anglu Xuereb yesterday launched a glitzy exhibition at St James Cavalier in Valletta, entitled Give Malta Golf, to counteract the negative publicity the proposed Verdala golf course has been getting from environmental groups and farmers... READ MORE >>

Leo Brincat raises questions over bond issues
Speaking to The Malta Financial and Business Times yesterday opposition spokesperson for finance, Leo Brincat, was reluctant to ‘name and shame’ the local bonds that caused him to speak out twice recently in Parliament on the pressing need for proper credit ratings for local bonds... READ MORE >>

‘Old methods disruption’ accusation brings swift reaction
By Mario Schembri Wismayer
Asked for his reactions to the criticisms levelled at unions by bodies such as the FOI and the Chamber of Commerce, Mr Joe Grillo, UHM spokesman, negated that unions actively used the "old methods" of disruption of society to get what they wanted from Government and society... READ MORE >>

Lm30,000 refund - The Malta Environment & Planning Authority has proposed relaxing its policy on the placing of tables and chairs outside bars and restaurants in a bid to breath new life into Malta urban centres. It is also being proposed that the policy would be retroactive and MEPA would refund Lm30,400 to bar and restaurant owners.


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