14 AUGUST 2002

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Unacceptable price increases for Maltapost, MIA services – Consumers’ Union

By Mario Schembri Wismayer

The Consumers’ Union yesterday expressed its disagreement with the 55c additional charge to be imposed on anyone using the Malta International Airport, which amounts to some Lm800,000 a year. Even when allowing for an increase in security expenses, the charge is not warranted since extra security costs would definitely not reach this amount every year, the Union explained.

The Union also has great reservations on the 1c increase announced for local mail. The reason quoted to justify this increment was that all post in Mediterranean countries was higher than that of Malta. However, the Consumers’ Union disagreed with this on two counts; firstly because the primary aim of an entity should be to provide an excellent service for as little cost as possible. Secondly, the union explained that since Maltapost had been privatised, the level of service had decreased, while usually the reverse trend occurs when an entity became privatised.

The Union has asked the Director General of the Division of Consumers and Competition to look into the matter so that the interests of the local consumer could be safeguarded.

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