18 DECEMBER 2002

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Chamber of Commerce deplores politicisation of EU financial package

The Chamber of Commerce has expressed its disappointment at the way the EU financial package has yet become once again prime fodder for political lambasting.

‘Deploring’ what it has called an issue that continues to be highly politicised, the Chamber of Commerce said that this can potentially be of great detriment to the country.

The Chamber expressed its contention that an impartial and responsible analysis of the facts were indispensable for the country to arrive at a fair and true judgement of the issue at stake.

"Political division is afflicting our country in such a way that it is not assisting matters. The population is entitled to a fair chance to reach its necessary conclusions."

On a positive note, the Chamber of Commerce praised the efforts and commitment of Malta's negotiators for the agreement reached last week in Copenhagen.

The Chamber said that it still had to analyse the financial package in detail, especially with consideration of its fiscal implications on the future budgets for 2004 and beyond.

Meanwhile, it shall be seeking to advise and inform its members in the best way possible on the short and long-term effects of the accession conditions on various sectors of business.

The Chamber of Commerce said that it was ultimately planning to conduct a survey amongst its members with a view to obtain a clear signal as to whether this is a reasonable package for the business community and for Malta.

"This exercise is important and the Chamber will react according to this feedback. The necessary representations to Government and to the European Union shall be made to reflect the members’ views."


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