18 DECEMBER 2002

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Malta Employers’ Association welcomes Copenhagen conclusions

The Malta Employers’ Association is viewing the Copenhagen summit conclusions as being of decisive historic importance and expressed its satisfaction with the results obtained by the negotiating team in their dealings for the EU membership package. The MEA said that the outcome of the package surpassed the expectations of many individuals and institutions alike.

However, the MEA stressed that the voyage is not over. Indeed, depending on democratic decision through the referendum, it will be a new beginning and policy makers and the business community have to look beyond the date of membership to maximize the benefits of such membership in the long term national interest. The MEA said that it believes membership to be the best option for Malta’s future, but there were cases where enterprises perceived EU membership to be a threat to their business. It is up to management, at national and enterprise level, to minimize any negative frictional effect that membership may bring.

The Association adds that the entry package itself is symbolic, since the impact of EU membership is not a short term one depending on the accession package but certainly an event that will have long term implications on Malta’s economic, social and cultural environment. However, the package that the government has negotiated, if used well, will certainly provide an important boost that will set the course for a fruitful future as members of the EU.

According to the MEA, the professional manner in which the negotiations were conducted should serve as an example through which the economy may identify the opportunities available to reap the best benefits for Malta’s sustained development and prosperity.


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