19 FEBRUARY 2003

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Mintoff booed out from university

Former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff promised he would be returning to university to deliver his message of peace, but he was sure to meet a hostile crowd.
Hostility was the order of the day, as yesterday’s ill-fated encounter with the student body proved to be. Addressing a crowd of students at the University of Malta, accompanied by eternal cronies Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici and Sammy Meilaq, Mintoff was answering questions put forth from students. He had been talking about the dangers of war and about the European Union.
Trouble started brewing from the back of the crowd when hecklers challenging Mintoff shifted discussion on to the eighties and the times when students at university had to endure harsh times for their allegiances.
The crunch came when a law student, somewhat elder then the average 20-year-olds present, fired up in an exchange with Mintoff about the subject, and who in a barrage of derogatory remarks proceeded to make his way up to Mintoff.
The young man was, however, stopped in his tracks by policemen on the spot, seconds before he could create any more trouble as he approached Mintoff.
Booing from the university students ensued as Mifsud Bonnici took to the podium, as well as chants of ‘IVA, IVA’ (yes, yes) filled the tense air. For Mintoff and his cronies, the day was gloomier than the weather had foreboded.

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