02 APRIL 2003

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Labour’s tax party - economists and financial experts have their say
By Julian Manduca
The Labour Party’s proposed tax ‘party’ got off to a shaky start with doubts being shed on the desirability of the proposal all round. READ MORE >>

MLP’s income tax cuts fail to impress constituted bodies
The constituted bodies were not awe struck by the Labour Party’s proposal to offer a two month income tax holiday to all and sundry and some even queried the lack of strategy behind the initiative announced last Saturday. READ MORE >>

Deja vu for Sant’s income tax proposals
The income tax proposal dished out by Labour leader Alfred Sant on Saturday is not as original as it seems, with both Dom Mintoff and George Borg Olivier having made similar proposals in the 1971 and 1976 general elections. READ MORE >>

Alfred Sant is looking at his polls and turning desperate – John Dalli
"He is looking at his polls. He is desperately throwing anything imaginable at the voters to try to lure them to vote for him. We must remember that the last budget included tax cuts that are more far reaching than those being proposed by Alfred Sant.READ MORE >>

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