23 APRIL 2003

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Drydocks bids for La Salle repair contract

The Drydocks is yet again bidding for a repair contract on the US Navy Sixth Fleet’s flagship, the La Salle, which will be awarded toward the end of May. The Sixth Fleet operates in the Mediterranean basin.
The La Salle was in Malta for repairs in 2001 amid much controversy, which saw Prime Minister Eddie Fenech Adami threaten the removal of government subsidies for the ‘Yard if the workers refused to work on the navy ship.
At the time, the GWU drydocks section was adamantly opposed to the repairs, citing the neutrality clause in the Constitution as its main reason.
Good sense eventually prevailed and the GWU accepted the repair work. The La Salle sailed into Malta’s port for repairs without any incidents. The work was completed on time and to perfection.
Expectations are running high among Drydocks workers that the good impression left on the Americans may yet again secure the bid for the Drydocks.
Meanwhile, Chairman John Cassar White yesterday told The Malta Financial and Business Times that the workload at the shipyards was quite good even if the ‘Yard still had to win a major contract.

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