16 July 2003

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Continuation of industrial zone cleanups

Yesterday Resources and Infrastructure Minister Ninu Zammit and Parliamentary Secretary Edwin Vassallo visited the Imriehel Industrial Zone to review the clean-up which is taking place. Vassallo thanked Zammit for taking on his predecessor’s mission to clean up waste that is dumped in the zones.
The waste, Vassallo noted, was not only creating environmental damage but also creating a danger for workers’ health and for the enterprises within what seemed to be developing in a small landfill. Lawbreakers could not be tolerated, Vassallo said.
"It is impossible to have Government cleaning the area and then having people dumping away in all liberty. Besides cleaning up we are now providing CCTV surveillance to ensure lawbreakers will be charged. Information has already been passed on to the police as evidence on people who are dumping their waste over here."
Vassallo also said the Malta Environment and Planning Authority has been asked to take all measures within its legal rights to control what is happening in these open spaces within the industrial zones, especially since certain industrial zones were not under the auspices of the MDC.
Minister Ninu Zammit said his ministry’s priority did not only concern municipal cleanliness but also industrial, and that all the Works Department’s resources would be implemented fully to help out in the cleanup.

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