23 July 2003

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EU Council agrees on common conclusions ahead of WTO summit

European Union member states including 10 new accession countries have adopted a set of conclusions setting out the EU’s views on the upcoming World Trade Organisation ministerial conference in Cancun in September.
The conclusions of the Council, welcomed by EU Trade Commissioner Pascal Lamy, argue that more trade opening and rules have to work to the benefit of all, and in particular developing countries.
The conclusions highlight a number of issues ranging from agriculture to industrial goods and access to medicines to development measures for third world countries.
In agriculture, the EU is committed to lead the way towards an ambitious outcome in Cancun. In the area of industrial goods the EU wishes to see further tariff cuts based on a single formula addressing tariff peaks, tariff escalation and high tariffs, as well as action on non-tariff barriers.
Another sensitive issue is access to medicines for poor countries with no manufacturing capacity. The conclusions call on the US to join the consensus already reached with all other WTO members.
In terms of development measures for developing countries the EU wants to ensure that Cancun agrees on a package of concrete and substantial measures giving developing countries special and preferential treatment. The Council also stresses the need to agree on a set of measures aimed at least-developed countries, including all developed countries granting duty-free and quota free access to LDCs products.
On trade and the environment the Council stresses the need to reach a successful result in Cancun.

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