10 September 2003

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No fear of 11 September, business as usual at Air Malta/MIA

Superstition is not making its mark on Malta at least as far as tomorrow, 11 September, is concerned. Both Air Malta and the Malta International Airport yesterday told The Malta Financial and Business Times it will be "business as usual" tomorrow.
A spokesperson for the airport said there were no changes to the number or time of flights.
An Air Malta spokesperson, meanwhile, revealed that the number of passengers flying on Thursday is expected to be no lower than what has been normal these days. Nobody needs reminding that two years ago 11 September was the scene of bloody carnage when two commercial airliners flew into the twin towers of the World Trade Centre, in New York.
Nearly 3,000 people were killed and the attack was blamed on Saudi-born Osama bin Laden. The attack has led to US led military action in Afghanistan and Iraq, where thousands have perished.
In the last weekend leading up to the commemoration of the now tragic date, US President George W. Bush said he will be seeking USD87 billion to fight terrorism in Iraq and Afghanistan and to "engage the enemy where he lives." This comes despite the fact that the US economy is to suffer one of its largest deficits in history at the close of the current fiscal year.

Bush appealed for troops and money for security and reconstruction from other countries, even those who opposed the US-led war. His hawkish foreign policy and clumsy handling of the economy have seen his approval ratings falling steadily.
Bush faces an increasingly strong democratic party in the lead up to November 2004’s presidential elections.

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