24 September 2003

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Dalli returns from Commonwealth Finance Ministers’ Meeting

At a meeting that proved to be a gathering that stimulated discussions about the current situation in the world economy and the future development prospects, Finance Minister last week attended the Commonwealth Finance Ministers held in Brunei.
The meeting also focused on a special theme concerning the attainment of development goals and the delivering of basic services to the poor.
The World Bank, which was present for the meeting, submitted its World Development Report for 2004 which highlighted the need to make services work for poor people.
These well-attained analysis provides a basis on what action needs to be taken to secure an ongoing progress towards the possibility of eradicating global poverty Various interventions, including that by Minister Dalli, expanded on opinions and remarks on solutions aimed to combat world poverty.
Most of the attending Commonwealth states also made reference to last week’s WTO meeting in Cancun and which failed to secure positive trade developments. A number of small island states contributed by zooming in on their specific problems and challenges, such as market access, the effects of global warming and the adherence to strict fiscal regulations such as those emanating from the OECD and FATF bodies.
Other interventions voiced their concern on serious health matters such as the HIV-AIDS crises have on their economies. A number of progress reports which were forwarded, provided for an analytical observation of the past year and generated active participation by Commonwealth member states.
The areas covered included action towards the promotion of investment. The meeting proved to revive the ongoing process at attaining progress towards the millennium development goals, which basically aim at eradicating worldwide poverty.

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