15 October 2003

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Pension reform needs to include private funding - Dalli
- adjustments to retirement age, payable pension and contributions in future pension changes
By Matthew Vella
The seminar on Promoting Adequate and Sustainable Pensions yesterday closed off with speeches by the two ministers spearheading the yet-to-happen pension reform. There were brave words from both Social Minister Lawrence Gonzi, whose ministry organised the seminar in conjunction with the European Commission, and Finance Minister John Dalli, both ministers being tagged as future runners for the PN’s top job once Eddie Fenech Adami takes his leave. READ MORE >>

Make or break time for PBS
- "It has come to me to bell the cat" – Austin Gatt
By Kurt Sansone
Government is ready to close down the public broadcasting service if no agreement on reforms is reached. This was the clear message delivered yesterday by Investments Minister Austin Gatt, who also admitted that every government administration since the 1970s helped contribute to the financial black hole. READ MORE >>

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