26 November 2003

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It's a deficit attack
With the deficit for 2003 projected to reach 6.3 per cent of GDP, or Lm108 million, Finance Minister John Dalli had one target in mind when drawing up the budget for 2004: scaling back the deficit. READ MORE >>

VAT increase, fiscal measures lambasted by employers’ bodies
By David Lindsay
Reacting to Monday’s budgetary measures, Malta’s constituted bodies had few words of praise for what was effectively the fruition of pre-budgetary discussions. READ MORE >>

Taxes for healing the wounds
By Matthew Vella
The 2004 budget specifically earmarked tax and excise increases as a source of dedicated revenue for an ailing health sector. With the exorbitant Mater Dei project yet to achieve completion, this year should see at least Lm26 million from VAT and tobacco directly funnelled into the NHS.READ MORE >>

Increasing taxes alone will not curb deficit, experts warn
By Kurt Sansone
Minister John Dalli has everybody on his side when he insists that the fiscal deficit needs to be addressed. It is the method adopted to tackle the problem that gives rise to critical opinions on the subject.READ MORE >>

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