02 December 2003

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Sant lambasted over Preluna comment

- verify before stating, Sant told

In a statement released yesterday, the Preluna Hotel’s board took extreme exception to remarks passed by Opposition leader Alfred Sant to the effect that the hotel, a Sliema seafront landmark, is to close its doors to business due to a faltering economy.
"The Board categorically refutes such a statement," the Preluna’s board announced yesterday. "In the better interest of the company, workers and industry it would be appreciated if verifications are effected prior to statements with such far reaching and serious implications are made in public and during such serious debates."

The hotel added that it is in the process upgrading its accommodation facilities in its "incessant efforts to improve its product and maintain its competitiveness".
In a separate statement issued yesterday, the Malta Hotels and Restaurants Association deemed it "highly irresponsible of politicians to mention companies in this way without verifying the facts first."
The MHRA added that the Islands have enough problems to deal with and politicians from both sides of the house should work together and with the constituted bodies to see how these problems can be resolved instead of constantly throwing mud at each other and wasting time.
The MHRA also labelled it "highly unethical for any politician to bring in and use a private company in this way especially when what was said is totally unfounded. This kind of statement damages private enterprise and can be of great harm to the employees of the company concerned".
In Monday’s reaction to the Budget, Dr Sant had reminded Parliament how he had warned of looming unemployment, and how his predictions had come true in a range of sectors. These sectors, he commented, ranged from Medigrain in the agriculture sector to MP Clothing and VF in the textiles sector, WET in the electronics sector, the Galaxy Hotel and the Preluna which were to close, PBS and the dockyard – both of which were reducing their workforces.

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