14 January 2004

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Contracts Director fails to reply to ‘illegal’ Mater Dei re-evaluation exercise allegations

While the issue related to the tender of medical equipment for the new Mater Dei hospital is fizzling out, the Director of Contracts would not answer questions related to a very serious allegation made by Dutch bidder Simed.
Simed, which was not awarded the contract, but has protested loudly about its award to Italian company INSO, has alleged that "an illegal and very unprofessional re-evaluation exercise" was carried out so that INSO would be able to change its specifications following the tender deadline.
Simed also alleged that INSO was allowed to use the offices of the director of contracts, including its phone and fax for some weeks. According to Simed the re-evaluation exercise took place on the insistence of the Director of Contracts.
When The Malta Financial and Business Times asked about these allegations, the Director of Contracts said he had no comment to make.
When asked whether INSO’s bid was cheaper than that of Simed, The Malta Financial and Business Times was referred to a press release issued last week by the Department of Information. That press release showed calculations indicating that INSO’s bid was cheaper than Simed’s, but those figures have since been contested by Simed, which continues to claim it had the cheapest bid.

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