18 February 2004

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Dalli outlines agenda for social pact

Addressing councillors at the Pietà Nationalist party club yesterday, Finance and Economic Affairs Minister John Dalli called on the labour opposition, the business community, civil society and trade unions to come together to herald a social pact.
The finance and economic affairs minister, who is a contestant in the election for a leader of the Nationalist party, put forward his agenda for a social pact.
The first item he felt was crucial for the success of a social was the agreement on the principal that any increases in expenditure should be reflected in revenues.
The other point was that the general profits in a company should not be wholly utilised by the shareholders but instead be siphoned into funds that cater for periods when business faces a low ebb.
He added that there should be a segment of research into innovation to allow for continuity.
The fourth point is related to bureaucracy and Government should be committed to reduce to a minimum.
And finally the political parties should agree on national issues and to avoid dragging these issues into the arena of partisan politics.
He said this was the recipe for attracting foreign investment into the country.
Taking a feather out of his time as finance minister, Mr Dalli said that he had the stamina and the conviction to garner economic growth. He made special reference to the need to create jobs for those over 40, women, people with disadvantages and more inclusive employment.

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