15 May 2004

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Government, HP announce strategic partnership

The government yesterday announced an ICT long-term strategic partnership alliance with HP, the information and communications technology multinational, aimed at stimulating ICT business here.
The agreement, which follows a similar deal struck with Microsoft, is expected to be signed in the first week of June 2004, followed by specific details on its implementation. A Memorandum of Understanding finalised yesterday will serve as the basis for a “vertical strategic alliance” for an initial period of three years between the government and HP in a bid to “attain a first class information society and economy in Malta”.
The agreement will provide for HP’s support to the Ministry of Information Technology and Investments in the implementation of e-Government services as well as in helping small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) invest in information technology and get EU funding.
Investments Minister Austin Gatt said: “Alliances with major world players like HP help us explain to the world that Malta truly has potential of being a world class ICT centre of excellence … Our agreement with HP add value to the relevance of Malta on the global ICT stage, making us a showcase of the highest technological standards.”
He said the government was also keen on utilising the alliance for updating the public sector in ICT.
“We very much appreciate that the Ministry of Information Technology and Investments has chosen HP as a strategic partner to support Malta’s ambitious e-Government objectives,” said Francois Bornibus, Managing Director and Vice-President Customer Solutions Group of HP Europe, who had words of praise for Malta’s achievements in e-Government so far.
He said HP will act as a strategic technological partner for the government to extend the access to information and communications technologies in the Mediterranean region and contribute to make Malta a “living proof” of the realisation of the e-Europe vision.
He said HP is also willing to help the government set p a training academy for local industry and SMEs.
“SMEs are absolutely critical for the growth of the country,” Bornibus said. “We want them to know about the technology to help them improve their business, and we will also be giving them easy access to EU funds.”
Megabyte Ltd will be HP’s commercial partner.

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