16 March 2005

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Mosta Industrial Zone business showing positive results - Vassallo

A number of meetings over the past few months with the owners of business operating from the Mosta Industrial Zone are starting to show positive results.
During a visit to this zone yesterday, Parliamentary Secretary Edwin Vassallo gave a breakdown of the work that is being carried out. He explained how “the biggest investment that is being made in this area is in the infrastructural work, where 11 roads are being re-built, an investment that is going to cost around Lm350,000. This work consists of 13,600 square metres of tarmac, three kilometres of new pavements, two kilometres of service culverts, half a kilometre of rain water pipes and 580 metres of drainage pipes. Work is also going to be carried out on two further roads, where Lm50,000 are going to be spent in tarmac and the installation of new water, electricity and drainage services.”
Speaking on site yesterday, Vassallo comments that consultation meetings organised the owners of businesses of the area were invited to put forward any complaints or suggestions for the improvement of their working environment.
“In fact,” Vassallo explains, “they were given the opportunity, both as a group and individually, to express their opinions, and I was always available to listen to and discuss their proposals. Amongst other things, the shop-owners complained about the low voltage and other problems with the electricity supply in the area. It was for this reason that we striven to ensure the building of a new electrical sub-station that would improve the existing electrical supply and also provide an adequate electrical supply also for business that may open here in the future. The construction of this sub-station has been completed at a cost of Lm35,000.
“Another investment in the area was the construction of a new drainage pump that will eliminate the inconveniences presently being incurred by the businesses in the area. In this case also, the work is being carried out after consultations meetings with the owners, during which meetings the problem of an inadequate drainage service emerged. The amount spent so far on this pump amounts to Lm20,000.”
As a result of the continual contact with the owners of the small businesses in the area, an Action Committee made up of a number of owners can be set up. Just as in other industrial zones, this Action Committee could help in the consultation process in order to ensure that such industrial zones are well organised and the businesses in the areas can operate in the best possible way.

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