04 May 2005

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Hi-Tech: for the gadget savvy

Hi-Tech Products Limited was established in 2001 and since then, has been one of the very few companies which markets innovative high tech products in Malta at very reasonable prices. The company specialises in “tomorrow’s” technology. Hi-Tech is the authorised distributor and reseller in Malta of : C-PEN, DOCUPEN, ARCHOS MULTIMEDIA, CTX DISPLAYS, SPEED NOTEBOOKS, MICRODOWELL UPS, EASYCOVER, FLYBOOK, DIGIMEMO A501 and the MUBIE JOGGER. It is also the authorised reseller of HP COMPAQ products. Each marketed product is backed up with a good after sales service. To match up its belief in the products sold the company has over the past years adopted the mottos: “Bringing Innovation in High Technology” and “Miniaturisation and Portability”.
The ongoing technological revolution has breached the barrier between science fiction and reality. Hi-Tech has managed over recent years to embrace this revolution and introduce into the local market products which have been seen only in Science fiction films and in spy films. Nevertheless, these products or ‘gadgets’, are very useful tools which help users to be more efficient and trendy. If we take the FLYBOOK as an example, this lightweight and small mini-notebook, which only weighs 1.2kgs and is the size of an A5 paper is packed with the latest wireless features. The FLYBOOK allows its owner to keep in touch with the world anywhere anytime. Thanks to the GSM mobile phone with GPRS module, the user can easily send or receive e-mails whilst in the car.
Sales persons can use the FLYBOOK’s wireless features (GPRS, WiFi, and Bluetooth) in real time to take orders from clients, check whether products are still in stock, produce an invoice or check the client’s debtors history.
An order can easily be processed in real time and delivery can be made on the same day. Whilst at the office, the sales person can connect his/her FLYBOOK to the network either by using the built-in WiFi connection or else by using the conventional Ethernet connection.

Digimemo A501
Another product which makes one’s life easier and more efficient is the DIGIMEMO A501. This product is an innovation in itself. It consists of a writing pad with built-in digital memory. By utilising advanced Electromagnetic technology, the DigiMemo A501 will memorise whatever one writes. Furthermore, it is also possible to transfer whatever you have written, scribbled or drawn from the DigiMemo to the personal computer.
With the bundled handwriting OCR software, the handwritten notes can be transformed into typewritten text where they can be edited into Microsoft Word or any other program. The DigiMemo A501 is an ideal product for University students for taking notes during lectures, for professionals or sales people to jot down notes during important meetings, for interior designers who draft their clients’ ideas on site. The hard copy can be passed over to the client since a copy of same is kept on the Digimemo’s memory. For bankers or insurance brokers requiring to fill in countless application forms the device is of paramount importance. Data can be uploaded to a database for further processing. There are millions of other uses where the DIGIMEMO can come very useful. All in all whatever use one finds for the DigiMemo, one can easily realise how much money and time can be saved.

Hi-Tech Products markets also innovative products for the entertainment sector. Two of the most innovative products are the Archos AV440 entertainment centre and the new Mubie Jogger MP3 player & radio.
The Archos AV440 is a complete entertainment unit which can record and play music (MP3), record voice, display images on its integrated LCD colour screen and also allows the user to view and record movies from TV, DVD and any other source. Since the AV440 has an integrated 40GB hard disk drive, one can also use this unit as a storage device.
The AV440 can also be used to transfer old analogue movies recorded with camcorders to digital format in realtime. The digitised movie can then be transferred to DVD media.
The good thing about the AV440 is its lightweight and compactness. At home it can be connected to the HIFI and TV system apart from transferring images from the digital camera. The AV440 is the ideal tool for party organisers, Disc jockies, movie organisers, photographic enthusiasts and all those people who are music and movie lovers.

Mubie Jogger
The latest products to be marketed in Malta within the next few days by Hi tech is the MUBIE JOGGER and the MUBIE NECKSONG. The Mubie Jogger is an MP3 player and FM radio and voice recorder with 256MB flash memory with a difference. The MP3 player and FM Radio are fitted inside a very lightweight headset with no cables dangling from the ear.
It is the ideal product to use while in the gym or jogging. The quality of the MP3 music is also very crisp and clear. The Mubie Jogger is powered by an integrated rechargeable Li-Polymer battery which gives you about 15 hours of happy music. The battery is automatically charged when you connect the Jogger to your computer using the supplied USB cable.
The Mubie NeckSong is an MP3 player with 256MB Flash memory in the form of a fashion necklace. There are various styles to choose from. The MP3 player’s quality is the same as the Mubie Jogger. It’s very simple to operate since all one needs to do to hear the music, is to connect the supplied earphone to the NeckSong and press the play button. The Mubie NeckSong is ideal for women of all ages who like to keep their favourite music close to heart.

The Company believes in customer satisfaction and offers excellent pre-sales and after sales service. All products are backed up with a 24 hour 7 days a week 5 hour response time service.

For further information about any of the above products or any other product in the range, please contact Hi-Tech Products Limited of Valletta on 21 241826 or e-mail: info@hi-tech.com.mt or visit their website at: http://www.hi-tech.com.mt

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